An essential skill in the age of disinformation

Young woman pondering what’s she has read.

The dictionary defines critical thinking as the objective analysis and evaluation of an issue in order to form a judgement.

Critical thinking is a skill that allows you to scrutinize the validity of other people’s opinions — especially those opinions masquerading as facts.

Developing critical thinking skills is how you…

The devil of self-indulgence

dark clouds

Are the people performing evil acts subjecting themselves to some dark overlord or simply giving free reign to their self-centred impulses to be in charge and enrich themselves — no matter the cost others may pay?

Evil is a word we use to describe things we don’t agree with or…

There is still time for the boomer generation to become good ancestors.

I’m reading The Good Ancestor: How To Think Long Term In A Short-Term World by Roman Krznaric and watching a three part documentary on Geta Thunberg produced by the BBC over the course of 2019–20.

Greta’s message is: “Don’t listen to me. Listen to the science.”

Her point is the…

For a society to become aware, its members need to be awake

Since the creation of society, most of us have remained blissfully unaware of what’s really been going on beyond the scope of our immediate concerns.

Times have changed. It’s time to wake up and find out what’s going on — before it’s too late.

Living unconsciously

When we don’t live consciously, we’re…

Peter Mulraney

Peter Mulraney is a crime writing, modern-day mystic with an interest in personal growth, social justice and current affairs.

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